President of Venezuela calls for unity of the world working class – Prensa Latina

In a message sent to a global workers’ sector meeting held by videoconference as part of the so-called Bicentennial Conference of Peoples, Maduro called for the expression of all social, trade union, intellectual, peasant, urban and cultural movements. .

“We have great tasks to continue facing the neoliberalism (…) that plunder the peoples of the world, flood the countries of our continent and cause the peoples to wake up more strongly,” he said.

The interconnectedness of social forces must have the backbone of the working class, which is awakening to raise the struggle against the neoliberal policies prevailing on the global level.

The President stressed Venezuela’s commitment to building so-called socialism in the twenty-first century, while sending a salute of hope to global working-class movements.

During the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister for Social and Regional Socialism, Eduardo Pinat, indicated that the crisis caused by the Covid-19 epidemic has dealt a severe blow to the world’s political, economic and social systems, by increasing unemployment and poverty rates.

“There is a very important recession in the global economy and an exacerbation of the global geopolitical confrontation, and this recession with job losses in the world has social and political consequences,” he said.

In this sense, he warned that the deterioration of capitalist systems, as a result of the epidemic situation, falls primarily on the shoulders of workers, women and youth.

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