President of Lebanon asks for help from the diaspora – Prensa Latina

Aoun called for support that provides a period of rest for citizens and the possibility of reactivating the economic sector to restore the value of the national currency.

The text stated that “the Lebanese abroad are important to restore the economy and reduce the effects of the current situation on their nationals.”

The head of the Lebanese state stressed that the crisis stems from the huge external debts resulting from corruption, waste of public money, looting and mismanagement.

Added to this situation is the impact of the Syrian refugees, the anti-government demonstrations of October 2019, the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic and the explosion in the port of Beirut.

According to observers, the complete Lebanese collapse has begun to approach the shortage of fuel, medicine and basic commodities, the devaluation of the lira by 100 percent against the dollar and the lack of foreign exchange.

The World Bank has estimated that the Lebanese crisis is the worst since the mid-19th century.

With about 14 million Lebanese and their descendants outside the country, the diaspora supported the national economy with their remittances or investments, although the diaspora halted their shipments in the face of the adverse global situation and prevailing corruption.

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