President Duque inaugurated the Bogota International Book Fair (+ photos)

It is above all an opportunity to democratically distribute access to knowledge, as expressed in the opening address of the event with the world of books coming back face to face, two years after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Duque emphasized that culture is a developmental factor and that it allows, beyond political and ideological differences, to be understood as being where there is space for collective building and creativity.

He stressed that I am pleased that this meeting will take place and take place again in the capital, in Bogotá, which is “the epicenter of the cultural domestic product of our country, of the creative and cultural economy”.

This remake, with the slogan “Come So You Can Come Back”, returns as your own and makes the Republic of Korea the guest of honour.

According to Emma Jonghyun Cho, representative of the Asia and Latin America Cultural Foundation, in the pavilion dedicated to the Asian country, there will be talks and workshops focusing on coexistence.

He stressed that the audience will be able to experience the culture, traditional arts, cinema, fashion of South Korea and much more.

Duque imposed Boyacá’s Cross on architect and graphic designer Benjamín Villegas, founder of Villegas Editores, for his work and his virtues in serving the state.

It also highlighted the life and work of sculptor, painter, and cartoonist Fernando Botero, perhaps the most cosmopolitan contemporary Colombian artist, turning ninety today.

This new event will be held at the International Business and Exhibition Center of Bogotá (Corferias) and will host 500 local and foreign guests from 30 countries; 500 exhibitors will present their presentations on an area of ​​53 thousand square meters and will present 1,600 live activities.

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The 34th Bogotá International Book Fair, organized by the Colombian Writers Chamber and Corferias, takes place from today until May 2.

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