Prensa Libre Spokespersons Reach Another Goal By Graduating Bachelor of Science and Arts Degree – Prensa Libre

Eleven spokespersons for Prensa Libre graduated on Friday, November 5, with a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Letters by maturity, from the Vocedores de Prensa Libre School, which for 25 years has contributed to Guatemalan education, officials reported on this project. .

Relatives of the spokespersons are also mentioned among the graduates.

The beneficiaries of the project confirm that they have found an opportunity to continue their dream of studying and choosing a profession at the intermediate level, because they dream of reaching the university.

The class of 2021 graduates indicated that they faced several challenges such as traveling from some departments to achieve their dream of studying. Others have challenged diseases such as cancer to achieve their goal of academic achievement. Some graduates say they have studied at the Escuela de Voceadores de Prensa Libre since primary school.

Rosa Morales, Administrative Coordinator of Escuela de Voceadores de Prensa Libre, commented that it is a great victory, it is an honor and an honor to contribute to the preparation of these people and to deliver them to the nation and to all professionals. They are forging a better future.”

He added that the school is a very useful tool for singers who in the morning sell Prensa Libre copies and in the afternoon devote themselves to studying “for elementary, basic and baccalaureate”.


The Escuela de Voceadores de Prensa Libre was founded in 1995 with the aim of supporting the education of those who hold direct copies of This Morning, which is why it serves primary, primary and secondary school students.

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Christian Blanc, General Manager of Prensa Libre and Guatevisión, noted that for 25 years they have given spokespersons and their families the opportunity to improve themselves, thus also contributing to the education of the country, which is a matter of pride and inspiration for Prensa Libre, because each of them has a success story to tell.

“It’s a moment of great pride and passion. We’ve been with the Vocedores School Program for 25 years and it’s not only open to them but also their families, so everyone who graduates and gets through here and gets better and we can support that, it definitely fills us with a lot of pride and we feel like Fulfill our mission,” Planck commented.

He added that the students’ success fills him with a lot of inspiration, because it shows that everyone should strive for success, “We can be facilitators for these people, but they are the ones who achieve their dreams.”

He noted that for 25 years, the school has been innovating to adhere to new technologies, as the goal is to continue to provide education through this project.

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