Premier League: Roman Abramovich will be banned from entering the UK

toRoman Abramovichas posted the sunAnd the She has not been seen at the club at Stamford Bridge in months. The newspaper, citing high-ranking security sources, confirms this It is unlikely that he will be allowed to settle in Britain again.”

According to this information, Immigration officials will have clear instructions not to let the Chelsea CEO through to English lands, something that would have already happened in the past, ever since In 2018, Abramovich’s visa was withdrawn In the midst of another crisis: Diplomatic tensions between the United Kingdom and Russia.

for him Alleged relationship with Vladimir Putinalong with the armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia, will prevent him from living in the UK or applying for British citizenship, according to the the sun.

“I have A leaked 2019 document from the Ministry of the Interiorwhich says in relation to Mr. Abramovich […] Which is still of interest to HMG because its links with the Russian state and its general association with corrupt activities and practices”confirmed Labor Representative Chris Bryant in the House of Commons.

armed conflict

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced, Thursday, at an appearance A major military operation in the Donbass region of UkraineSoon, missile explosions began to be heard in the cities of Kiev, Kharkov, Maripol, Odessa and Kramatorsk.

“I made the decision for a special military operation,” Putin announced on TV. The Russian president called on Ukrainians to “lay down their weapons” and He argues for “special military operation” to “defend” and protect citizens.

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