Portugal suspends flights with the United Kingdom from Saturday

That way, no flight would take off from Portugal to the UK, and vice versa, according to Costa, which is the intended procedure. “Reducing the risk of British virus transmission from the virus” Which has already been adopted by most of the countries of the world.

“There will only be flights of a humanitarian nature and to bring Portuguese or English back home,” he said.

Costa proposes that the Community Bloc decided to keep all internal borders of the European Union open, Despite the “application of pandemic control measures”.

Portugal has suspended flights with the United Kingdom.

The Portuguese Prime Minister also confirmed that the possibility of issuing it was discussed in the Council of the European Union. Certificates of vaccination for European citizens.

All vaccinated people will obtain a document proving this. “ Costa said it would have medicinal effects, although, at present, there is no decision on the mentioned document for other uses in the future, he explained.

The grafting process

The council also evaluated the vaccination process in the European Union, added Costa, who stressed the importance of the production companies ’commitment to the contracts and the planned schedule so that“ there are no further cuts in distribution. ”

In the case of Portugal, the prime minister explained that 202,000 vaccinations have already been given and that they are planning to end vaccination in nursing homes next week.

The Portuguese Prime Minister indicated that the Council insisted on the importance of all member states respecting the principle of unity “There are no parallel negotiations on vaccines.”, To ensure arrival as quickly as possible and to ensure that 70% of the adult population across the European Union has been vaccinated by the end of the summer.

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In addition, during the meeting, the importance of the European Union’s joint efforts to support countries in Africa or Latin America was recognized in order to ensure the elimination of the epidemic globally.

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