Pontevedra County recorded an average occupancy of 80% on Easter

Pontevedra, April 21. (Europe Press) –

Pontevedra County Break the record for visitors and tourists on Easter With an average occupancy of 80% in its hotel facilities, which is a fact Exceeded records for the year 2019According to figures compiled by Diputación’s Tourism Observatory.

The county institution celebrates this “wonderful data”, where hotel establishments have been until now 20 percentage points higher than expected And tourist homes, up to 10 above, in some areas become a 15% higher than the same vacations before the pandemic. As for rural tourism, the occupancy rate has exceeded 70%, which has already been estimated.

Visitors came mainly from other parts of the state, specifically from Madrid, Biscay and Barcelona. Meanwhile, aliens came from Portugal, Germany, France, Colombia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

The majority of the tourist profile is a profile A person between 35 and 60 years of age who lives in hotels For four and six days he goes to the county motivated by aspects of culture.

by provinces

If hotel occupancy figures are noted by region, it will be on top Vigo, with more than 80%. In this area, the county council highlights that The city of Olivka was between 85% and 90%While Bayona’s percentage is 90%.

Behind La Viguesa was an area O Morrazo that reached 78%, and O Salnés that exceeded 76%. In the latter case, municipalities such as O Grove had above 86% hotel occupancy, and Sanxenxo scored up to 87% in those with the most stars.

In the case of the area In Caldas the proportion was 74% and in Pontevedra 73%, exceeding 85% in the capital of the same province. Meanwhile, the provinces of O Condado and A Paradante reached 72%, O Baixo Miño 70%, and Deza and Terra de Montes 65%.

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Tourist houses

As for the Tourist accommodation in the province exceeded 92%. – 12 points more than estimated before Easter -. The average percentage of counties has been exceeded in localities such as Sanxenxo or CangasWhere they hung full posters.

In this type of residence, according to data from the county council, most of them Asturias, Castile, Leon and northern Portugal.

If the numbers are TRural tourism, average occupancy is 70%. across the province, but it was close to 100% in the O Baixo Miño area. It was followed by Caldas (73%), Salnes (71%), Morazo (70%), Pontevedra (68%), Condado and Paradanta (65%), Vigo (60%) and Desa and Terra de Montes (58%). ).

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