Polo in England 2024

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Polo is the fastest ball sport in the world and is elite in every way. It can be played by both men and women wearing helmets, and there is no upper age limit

This game began at Eton and Millfield, and then spread to Oxford. In the United Kingdom, representatives of several generations of the royal family were passionate about this sport. Prestigious tournaments are held in the United Kingdom: the Cartier Cup, the Queen’s Cup, the English Open (Gold Cup), the Prince of Wales Cup (Royal County of Berkshire), the Warwickshire Cup (Cirencester) and finally the Royal Coronation Cup.

All tournaments receive extensive coverage in secular history, and Cartier Cup matches are generally held under the patronage of the Queen. The English aristocracy still constitutes the “back” of the British Pole.

The main polo season in the United Kingdom is from May to September, but the game can sometimes be played during the winter on indoor polo grounds.

Cowdray Park is the ‘Home of British Polo’ and is one of the busiest clubs in the world with over 400 matches played annually.

Practical information

When is the main polo season in the UK?

Polo tournaments are held across the UK from May to September. The covered grounds also host polo during the winter. These months are the best time to visit the UK if you want to watch a polo match. Show more

What are some of the popular polo related tournaments held in the UK?

Cartier Cup, Queen’s Cup, Warwickshire Cup etc are some of the famous polo tournaments organized in the UK. The Cartier Cup, which often receives the most media attention, is held under the patronage of the Queen. Show more

How did polo spread in the United Kingdom and who were its early enthusiasts?

Polo was brought to the United Kingdom by British soldiers who served in India during the colonial era. Eton, Milfield and Oxford were the first clubs to adopt the game, which became increasingly popular among the British aristocracy. Playing polo remains popular among the British royal family to this day. Show more

Can polo be played all year round in the UK?

Polo is also played indoors during the winter months, although the best atmosphere is provided during the traditional polo season from May to September, which is held under natural light. Indoor polo tournaments follow a similar format to those held during the summer season. Show more

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