Poll: Why did the anti-gay outcry persist in Gold Cup 2021 when it was banned? Will there be a solution?

The Vegas, Nevada- During the last Gold Cup 2021 one of the strongest headaches for the organizers was the famous anti-gay chanting that persisted in some sectors of the Mexican fans, which caused the temporary suspension of Mexico’s matches in the tournament and was close to causing a three-color match. behind closed doors.

Prior to the Gold Cup, Mexico was penalized in the first two home matches in the following World Cup game for anti-gay chants towards the rival goalkeeper during pre-Olympic Guadalajara, precisely in the city where the controversial chanting is believed to have begun in the pre-Olympic era. 2004.

Organizers, players, and sponsors all took on the task of stopping the cry in El Tri friendlies ahead of the 2021 Gold Cup and although it paid off in places like Atlanta and Los Angeles, in Texas cities during the first leg of the tournament the cry could still be heard, despite the fact That the Mexican fans were clearly warned that this situation could lead to a suspension of the match, a veto by the entire fans in the match or even a loss of Tricolor points.

The first incident was during El Tri’s opening game in competition against Trinidad and Tobago, when Mexico was unable to score and one of its best players, Hirving Lozano, was injured in the match, and ultimately the championship, after a tough encounter. It was not upheld by the verdict.

Because of these events against Trinidad and Tobago, the match against Guatemala in the group stage was about to be played behind closed doors, which would have meant losses in the millions for the organizers. In the end, this only resulted in a warning.

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El-Tree organizers in the United States will delude themselves if they think the outcry will go away. The cry will continue because most people are not yet fully convinced that it is a bad thing.

“It’s really one of the few things that went well for us… in the goalkeeper qualifiers it turned out to be great, fantastic… but we need to find a replacement”

Caramelo, a Mexican fan who has accompanied Tre in nine World Cup tournaments.

“The issue is not bad milk,” said Caramillo, a Chihuahuan fan who has accompanied Tricolor to nine World Cups and an icon for Mexican fans internationally. “It’s really one of the few things that went well for us. Suddenly some sing Sillito Lindo, others Chiketibon, and others hi hiHey Mexico RaraWe never agree. However, in the goalkeeper’s statement, it turned out to be great, great … but we need to find a replacement.”

On the other hand, a very disturbing aspect is that in the 2021 Gold Cup, a particular hobby found a different meaning in the homophobic cry: they used it as a sign of protest when they saw something they did not like on the field.

The shriek was casually heard when Tricolor faced some adversity on the scoreboard or the referee was a controversial decision.

“Many times at the start of the Gold Cup, the team was not doing well, not playing well, and often because they were not comfortable with the team, (the shout) was a way to hurt them, but we hurt ourselves,” accepted Adan Olguín, a cheerleader. A Mexican from Utah went to Las Vegas to watch the final.

“It’s a frustration. I saw him in the first game. Chucky couldn’t have been that way without the referee scoring a penalty, without anyone sending off. That’s not an excuse, but we’re not an excuse,” said Basilio Arroyo, a Michoacan fan who went to Las Vegas. We easily go to the other extreme when we get angry.

When listening to the various reasons why yelp exists, one realizes that the problem is complex. But in the end, will there be a solution to this problem?

It is a matter of culture. If we don’t change the culture, we won’t change. It is a matter of education. In Mexico, yelling doesn’t offend anyone. In no other country in the world would he offend another race. There is no problem in the city, why do we live like this. We have to change the culture in the way we express ourselves with other people from other countries. Braving severely inflated ticket prices, $100 parking, and a 100-plus degree temperature at Allegiant Stadium, in our town, Arroyo explained, we endured it all.

For some, the solution will be for the national team to play behind closed doors, so the organisers will be punished.

“We pay $500 to $800 to be here and we can all talk whatever we want. This is a country of free speech,” Sandra Keelser, of San Francisco, said before Mexico vs the United States in the final.

For others, FIFA does not understand the cultural side of shouting and there is hypocrisy in the highest football organization.

“Where are they going to participate in the World Cup, Qatar, they are killing (gay) people … We do it for the culture, but they are for the money,” said Juan Gonzalez, of Ontario, California. He also traveled to the 2021 Gold Cup Final.

Others, such as Arroyo, believe that hymns can be eradicated with technology.

Anyone who shouts must be punished and not allowed on the field for the rest of their lives. It can be done,” added the Michoacan fan.

“Today there are cameras around every corner.”

Armando García Parra contributed to this report.

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