Political Science | Peru | Why do we need political scientists during periods of government instability? , by Sofía Enciso | opinion

Peru’s political history has witnessed periods of governmental instability due to a combination of factors, including corruption, political polarization, institutional weaknesses, and economic challenges. These elements have contributed to the lack of political consensus, which has led to frequent changes in the presidency and a crisis of confidence in institutions. As a result, the country’s governance has suffered, making it difficult to implement effective policies and reforms to address the problems facing the nation.

Political instability of governments negatively affects the efficiency of public policies and long-term planning, reducing the ability to respond to crises and fostering mistrust and social polarization. In addition, this instability leads to short-term populist decisions and destroys government institutions. These effects weaken the effectiveness of policies to solve problems in a sustainable manner, and undermine stability and the rule of law.

In this context, the presence of experts in Political Science It is fundamental because they include in their studies interdependent social, political and economic factors. the Political scientists They have the ability to perform a comprehensive analysis that allows them to identify the underlying causes and understand the root of the problem. Based on this understanding, they evaluate different solutions applied in public policies and promote dialogue to strengthen democratic governance. Its informed and strategic approach is geared towards searching for effective and sustainable solutions to enhance the stability of the country. Thus, his expertise is essential in managing crises and in searching for paths leading to a more resilient and equitable country.

Therefore, it can be concluded that Political Science It plays an indispensable role in crisis management by analyzing and understanding political and social challenges in times of uncertainty. the Political scientistsThey propose, through their cross-sectional and comparative appearance, effective solutions to address problems affecting society and the state. In this sense, the increasing frequency of crises demands more Political scientists To enhance political decision-making, enhance government stability, and meet global challenges.

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