Political parties and entities submit “super petition to impeach Bolsonaro”

Protest the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro. June 19, 2021. Photo: Mariana Grieve/Reuters.

Several parties and political entities submitted this Wednesday a superlative request to “impose” the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, after he was ousted in recent days by Alleged irregularities in the millionaire’s purchase of the Indian vaccine Covaxin.

The document presented to the Chamber of Deputies was prepared by a group of lawyers from the Brazilian Association of Jurists for Democracy (ABJD), and Combines the arguments of 123 other previously submitted impeachment requests.

sum, 23 Liability Crimes Attributed to the Far RightAmong them, after they acted “carelessly” in managing the coronavirus pandemic, which has already left more than 510,000 dead in the country.

Previous requests for political trials against the president did not go ahead because they were rejected by Arthur Lera, the speaker of the House of Representatives and an ally of Bolsonaro.

With such a large request, it is hoped to put pressure on Lyra who, if he accepts the request – which is unlikely – will send it to a special commission and then to the plenary of the Chamber. It would take 342 of the 513 deputies to go to the Senate.

Among the movements that signed the document are the Brazilian Press Association (APP), the National Council of Christian Churches in Brazil (CONIC), and the Landless Workers Movement (MST).

Alleged illegal scheme

In the same week, three senators also filed against the president Complaint of “evasiveness” to the Supreme Court for its failure to report suspected fraud in the “Covaxin” case.

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It all started when Representative Luis Claudio Miranda confirmed in the Parliamentary Committee – which has been investigating the executive for two months over possible omissions due to the pandemic – that he had informed Bolsonaro in March of an alleged illegal scheme at the Ministry of Health to buy a millionaire from India’s immune system.

When communicating with him, Bolsonaro said he would report to the federal police, but he did not. The president denied any kind of responsibility in the supposed surcharges that were revealed.

After the scandal, the government on Tuesday ordered the suspension of the contract it had signed with Indian pharmaceutical company Bharat Biotech.

“Taking into account the indications of refraining from actions taken by the President of the Republic when informing him of possible administrative offenses (…), it is necessary that the impeachment process initiated by the investigation be deepened into the possible practice of the crime of responsibility,” says the submitted document.

The far right suffers a sharp decline in popularity شعبيWho took to the streets, where massive demonstrations went out against him.

In addition, a recent poll showed that in a hypothetical election, former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva would win the first round with 49% voting intent compared to 23% that Bolsonaro would receive.

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