Political Day, November 28, 2023 | Feijóo tightens his party’s leadership in the face of a tense legislature | Spain

Feijóo abolishes the position of General Coordinator and transfers Bendodo to Deputy Secretary. Alicia Garcia, the new spokesperson for the People’s Party in the Senate

The president of the People’s Party, Alberto Nuñez Viejo, has decided to propose to the party’s National Executive Committee, which will be held next Thursday, the appointment of Alicia García as the new spokesperson in the Senate. In addition, the conservative leader will abolish the position of General Coordinator previously held by Andalusian Elias Bendoudou, who will now head the position of Deputy Secretary, specifically Autonomy and Municipalities Policy, according to party sources.

Alicia García has been a deputy at the General Court of Ávila since 2019. She has a degree in Economics and Business Sciences, and was also the Family and Equal Opportunities Counselor of the Government of Castile and León between 2015 and 2019 and the Culture and Equality Counselor. Tourism in the same community between 2011 and 2015. Before that, she was involved in municipal politics, where she was a councilor on the Avila City Council.

With the abolition of the General Coordinator figure, Pindudo was relegated by Figo, but he would assume the duties of Deputy Secretary which had hitherto been managed by Pedro Roland, but he would also maintain the areas of electoral development and trends, as well as those of analysis and strategic planning on which they had directly relied. Thus, Feijóo groups the district secretaries of two departments around Pinduoduo, that is, he takes on the position of deputy secretary but with expanded functions.

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Last week, when the entire party was waiting for Figo to convey the redesign he single-handedly proposed to form his new team in the People’s Party, Pindudo conveyed his “discomfort” to his former boss and head of the Andalusian Junta, Juan Manuel Moreno. This marks his arrival in Madrid after the general elections scheduled for July 23. Various popular sources confirmed to this newspaper that Benduduo asked Moreno to return to the government and the Andalusian Popular Party, but to no avail. Other senior PP officials confirmed to EL PAÍS that what Bendudo admitted to Moreno was that he regretted leaving Andalusia to make the leap into national politics because in the Figo team “he is not comfortable, his tasks, his role and his role have not been defined.” “its area.”

In addition to the changes announced today, Figo announced yesterday that Miguel Tellado will be the party’s official spokesman in Congress, replacing Coca Gamarra, while Carmen Funez will be the new deputy party secretary, replacing Tellado himself.

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