police flag

You can’t talk about the police without going through police science; Police forces cannot exist without the knowledge of the police.

Many years of experience and studies have made it possible to reach the police today. We know the progress is great, but there is still a long way to go, since security issues are developing at the pace of people, so the work of the police is bound by that as well.

At this time when the police are being reformed in our country, it is important to refer to the police flag, because all police activities go through the police flag.

Important theories show that policing is the scientific study of police as an institution and policing as a process. Police science attempts to gain knowledge and explain the facts assumed by the reality of police activity.

That is, the study and analysis of the enterprise only as a structure, as well as for each of the actions it performs in different areas. On the other hand, it is understood that police science is not one, but consists of several core disciplines such as system and security, criminal investigation, intelligence, and management, among others.

It is also made up of many disciplines and auxiliary sciences, such as legal sciences, social sciences and humanities, a situation that makes this science very complex, interesting and therefore impressive.

Other scholars in this regard define it as a realist science, based on the fact that the function of the police is the core of the work of the police. Science, according to RAE, is a systematically organized body of knowledge obtained through observation and inference from which general, predictive and empirically verifiable principles and laws are inferred. From this we see that police services are an important part of science, some deeper than others, different scenarios, variation in impact, but science nonetheless.

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The work of the National Police goes beyond prevention, deterrence and control, it is a broader and more complex task than it appears at first glance. We do not have a perfect police force yet, but we are on the right path, if we continue in this way, we are close to achieving it, the police science professionals are doing their work, and therefore, society in general is expected to make the necessary contributions to reduce the insecurity in our country . Remember that safety is everyone’s business

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