Police chase, new driving experience

It might sound like “little boy” stuff but when gaming chases have the allure it has, would it be for something, after all, who never dreamed of being the good or bad guy in a movie or even indulging in a police chase?

Now we can simulate a chase as if it were in real life but without shooting and without endangering our lives, at least in some way.

Today we learned that the oldest of us can “play cops and thieves” in real life and join a real simulated police chase for the most realistic.

The company offers a completely unique driving experience in the UK TrackDays.co.uk And according to them, it is as immersive as possible. In the words of the authors, this experience allows adults to assume the role of fugitives while being pursued by a Dodge Charger V8 Interceptor In a safe environment for the greats Bovingdon Airport in Hertfordshire.

In the words of the company director, “Our police chase driving experience is the ultimate fantasy role-playing game for adults.” The manager told us that Participants assume the role of a fugitive wanted for multiple crimes. Your task is to try to escape from the long arm of the law in a hurry Porsche Boxster or a Mazda MX5«.

The highly immersive experience presents a unique challenge for those who want to participate, including 10 minutes of warm-up laps to the rhythm of the track followed by 15 minutes of “police chase”.

apparently, Experience isn’t just about speed. To have any chance of beating the police car in a chase, you’ll also need to Smart decision making, first-class driving skills and quick reactions.

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Before diving into a full-fledged manhunt, the fugitives are instructed on basic racing lines and arrest procedures, until they are ready to go.

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