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Despite the fact that it has been a long time since its release, interesting details relate to Pokemon Sword and Shield.

This option is associated with Dynamax raidsAnd, specifically, with the rest of the non-playable participants who accompany us in every nest. It appears that there is potential to force these AI characters to use attacking attacks.

The information was provided by a Reddit user “Glanix”: “For your information, you may use the animation bicycle On AI characters to force them to use attack moves only.

Although it is something that seems obvious at first glance, many fans admit it They didn’t think about it. “I never thought about this,” we can read in the comments of the post, which are really viral. This should be a public service announcement.

It happened!!!!!! From Pokemon Word and Shield

However, several players mentioned that as well Three movements For the entire team to use attacks. However, they do indicate that the strategy is ideal when a real player retreats in the middle of a raid and is replaced by the NPC.

What do you think of this option?


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