Pokémon GO players have reported that their shiny Pokémon is disappearing from their accounts – Nintenderos

The saga Pokemon Usually one of his goals is to capture all of the creatures available in each batch, but for many players, having every type is not enough. There are expert instructors who spend hours picking up variations, too Bright For all monsters in every part of the series, and Pokemon GO Not an exception.

However, a community Pokemon GO She was recently suspended when she was coach on February 14th claimed That’s him Shiny giardus He had disappeared with his flight Giardos Ordinary, two Pokemon in which I invest a lot of time. The worrying thing is that many other players took the opportunity to announce themselves by reporting the same thing that had happened to them, with Pokemon New and old ones Legendary Pokemon And others Bright.

A player claims to have contacted the NianticWhere they make it clear that the Pokemon bug is hiding in it Pokemon GO This is due to a “transfer or accidental exchange”. For example, when players leave their unlocked phones in their pockets while walking, or when more than one person accesses the same account.

Of course, this is the answer from before Niantic Very mysterious and angered players who lost Shiny Pokemon at Pokemon GO. It is not yet clear if the error was caused by the examples above or if it might be a fault that the coaches are not to blame.

What is your opinion? Has this ever happened to you?


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