Pokémon Go players criticize the “terrible” season logo

Juan Ignacio Buscato

A lot of things have been announced for Pokémon Go players recently, including a new season. Many things look good, but players aren't sure about the logo.

It's a good time to play Pokémon Go. A new event has just been announced in Pokémon Presents that will introduce some fan-favorite creatures to the game, and a new season is about to start.

There's a lot to be excited about in this new season, although according to some r/pokemongo players, that doesn't include the logo and theme. While some players seem excited for World of Wonders season, others aren't quite there yet.

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Pokémon Go players are divided over this season's 'Word Art' logo

Originally published In this Reddit posta Pokémon Go player shared his frustration over the new World of Wonders season logo, sharing it with the caption, “Graphic design is my passion“.

Written by the original authorThis is terrible” in the caption and note that the logo looks like it was created using Microsoft Paint. Other Pokémon Go players were divided on whether or not they liked the Wonder Muno theme.

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One common theme noted in the responses was Wonka's serious vibe. One player joked that it could be “Collaboration for the movie Wonka“Another agreed that the season's logo looks like this.”Easter chocolate logo“.

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Other comparisons have also been made, such as fans mentioning ties to RuPaul's Drag Race due to the name and others mentioning similarities to Lisa Frank's artwork due to the color scheme.

While some players agreed with the original author that the logo was bad, others weren't so sure. One player noted:There's a big difference between being objectively bad and not liking something.“He said the logo was technically good, but it wasn't to everyone's taste.

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Some Pokémon Go players were excited about the design, with one person noting, “Controversially, I don't hate it, if anything it's different from what we've seen beforeAnother mentioned that it made him feel nostalgic.

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