Pokémon GO: All the details about the ‘Strange Rings’ quest and the possibility of capturing Hoopa – Nintenderos

Niantic Take advantage of recently Pokemon GO Fest 2021 To provide Special research missions for a limited time. These were intended strange episodes, which is very reminiscent of Pokemon HobaWho started the past Saturday 18th July Including the various requirements and rewards for completing them, which we explain in detail below:

Basso 1:

  • Transfer 20 Pokemon – Max 5 Potions
  • Take 2 pics – 3 strawberry frambo
  • Participate in 3 Raids – 3 Revival of the Highlands

Reward: 5,000 experience points, 1 lucky egg, and 2,000 stardust.

Basso 2:

  • Win 5 raids – 5 revive heights
  • Make 5 large throws – 3 silver pineapples
  • Catch 20 different types of Pokemon – 3 max potions

Reward: 10,000 experience points, 3 Silver Pineberry and 3,000 Stardust.

¿Y Hoopa?

These missions have been posted by Niantic Immediately after reporting that players have completed enough tasks to unlock The third part of Ultrabonus during the Pokemon GO Fest 2021.

As a result, players likely think Hoopa will be specifically available as a reward for completing Part Three, because it is the only one whose reward has not yet been determined.

what do you think? Would you like to have a hoopa? Leave us your opinion in the comments!


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