PlayStation Network Servers Down Globally (Updated)

Update 0:20 PSN has been activated again, although Sony has not revealed the cause of the problem. On VidaExtra, we have examined the store and online game on PS5 and PS4 and games can now resume.

It’s not you, and it’s not an issue with the game or the PlayStation Store: servers PSN is no longer operating worldwide, Affecting all of the PS Vita, PS3, PS4 and PS5 consoles, as well as PSN-related web services.

The problem goes beyond the impossibility of playing those addresses that require connection, such as It is an electronic game, but also We are not permitted to access our user profiles To check our status or achievements, and even share content online. Of course, we will not be able to communicate with other users as well.

Capture a PS5 profile after servers crash

Reality, Login is not possible Or, create an account to access PlayStation Network. Not even from the official PlayStation website or mobile app. And therefore , Shopping excluded On Sony service until further notice.

And it’s a double chore considering we’re in the final week of sales and that Horizon: Zero Dawn could be Free Download Limited time.

Right now, who Network Service Status Web site Sony has noticed the problem and is looking for a way to solve it.

Screenshot 4331

We hope the problem will be solved within a time. For now, from Twitter, that’s Window As we all look to see if we’re the only ones affected, he’s starting to fill in memes and feedback from the community.

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Some of the reactions for change are invaluable.

While the stability of the PlayStation Network It is not an asset to the serviceIn fact, this is a setback for millions of players. Above all, those who have an account linked to PSN to play on other platforms, such as Fornite in the Epic Games Store.

We hope the accident will be resolved soon And we can get back to our games as soon as possible. On FedExtra We will update as soon as we know more details.

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