Play both games from the Epic Games Store that are free to download and you’ll keep them forever

After a few days in which we had the opportunity to download several video games for free every 24 hours, Epic Games Store It’s back with the usual promotion of giving away a few titles a week, so keep an eye on the titles picked up this week if you want to add them to your account forever.

The first of them about Kerbal Space ProgramAvailable in this Product pagewhile the second chosen one is Shadow Tactics – Aiko’s Choicewhich you will find in This other page. Both will remain free until January 12thSo you have a whole week to get it.

Kerbal Space Program

in this simulation You will direct the alien race’s space program, having to build spaceships that can fly across the universe. This way you will be able to control all aspects of its design, hire and train the crew members who will pilot it and discover planets of all kinds to install bases on.

Shadow Tactics – Aiko’s Choice

It is an expansion of Shadow Tactics Starring Kunoichi Aiko and her team of assassins whose goal is to eradicate the ghosts of her past. It is not necessary to have the original title To take part in any of the major spy missions set in new environments which will require good strategy to infiltrate enemy bases.

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