Pierce Morgan mocks “chronic amnesia” by Matt Hancock after MP denied saying he “followed science.”

Pierce Morgan targeted Matt Hancock after the Representative denied saying he was “following the flag” during Corona Virus pandemic.

Good Morning Britain has also played a bunch of clips of the Secretary of Health saying this way during interviews and press conferences.

This week, the deputy appeared before a joint scientific selection committee, with Jeremy Hunt, The president and former health minister, and questioned whether he always followed the science.

He replied, “I prefer to say that we have always been guided by science.”

Nevertheless, Hunt replied: “But you used to say you follow science.”

To which Hancock said: “I was just slang on those occasions.”

“I’m sorry, what ?! And was it slang ?!” Pearce exclaimed angrily after watching the exchange.

“Let me remind you, Mister Hancock, you have repeatedly said – as the prime minister has, as every cabinet minister has done for months – that you have been following the flag. In other words, you were doing what science tells you. You weren’t guided by science, that’s what we said. That you must do.

“We used to say you should listen to expert advice and make decisions – that’s what happens we They say, it’s not you.

“Let us remind you, looking at chronic memory loss, which seems to have spread. That’s what I said in your own words.”

After repeatedly sharing a number of Hancock’s passages saying that he is “following the science,” Pearce asked, “What part of that do you remember? Or are these all slang words?”

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“Colloquial – what a fitting word. Is he preparing for the investigation?”

* Good Morning Britain airs on weekdays at 6 am on ITV

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