Picardo believes that reaching an agreement on Gibraltar is possible before the July 4 elections in the United Kingdom

The Prime Minister of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo, confirmed on Wednesday, after learning of the electoral progress in the United Kingdom to July 4, that negotiations with the European Union to close the agreement that regulates the Rock’s relationship with the bloc after Britain’s exit from the European Union, will continue. Continue and it is still possible to reach an agreement before that date. In comments on the Gibraltar network GBC, reported by Europa Press, he defended that the technical work could continue while the European elections are held from June 6 to 9 and then the British elections on July 4 and “by the second week of July we will have a new European Parliament.” , a new European Commission, and a new British government. Picardo stressed that the work of the technical teams has not stopped, but in fact continues immediately when the last two meetings held in Brussels, in which the Vice-Chairman of the Committee in charge of the subject, Maros Sefcovic, and the Minister of Spanish Affairs, Jose Manuel, participated Albaris, and his British counterpart David Cameron, as well as himself, added: “If the technicians told us: Look, we believe we have solved some of the issues that you had. These are the solutions proposed, and they were acceptable to everyone at the political level, then it is possible to announce that.” agreement” during this period. The Prime Minister pointed out that announcing the agreement does not mean ratifying it. He stressed that “the treaty must be ratified by the British Parliament and the European Parliament, when the final touches are put on the treaty, and this cannot happen until the two parliaments are formed.” Furthermore, before the British Parliament can speak, the agreement must first be ratified by the Gibraltar Parliament, “so we still have a lot of time to work on these issues before we really need an active Parliament in London to ratify it.” Outside.

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