Phil Spencer confirms the Xbox handheld

During the Xbox Games Showcase held yesterday, the company confirmed the presence of Xbox Series Digital, something that has been rumored and leaked for years, as well as more hardware options. However, these won’t be the only consoles we’ll see from this company since then It appears that Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has confirmed the existence of a portable Xbox.

During an interview with IGN, Spencer was asked about having a portable Xbox. Although the director has stated in the past that he would like to see something like this become a reality, during his recent speech he mentioned this Xbox should have a portable console, which practically confirms that this device is already in development. This is what he commented on:

“I think we should have a portable console. (…) The future of our devices is amazing, and the work the team is doing on different aspects of comfort and ways of playing interests me.

Today was all about gaming, and we showed more about our 9th generation consoles, but there will come time to talk about platforms, and I can’t wait to bring them to you.

That’s not all, when asked if the portable console will work with the cloud and the Internet, Spencer noted that it is important for them to play locallyThis impressed everyone present at this show. Although there is no official confirmation at the moment, these statements make it clear that the portable Xbox console is already in development, and is just a matter of official reveal.

Now it’s only a matter of time before the portable Xbox console reaches our hands. In related topics, you can learn more about the new Series Likewise, this is the Xbox Game Gallery summary.

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One issue that Xbox and PlayStation have in this department is the fact that some or all of their library is already available on Steam, so some people may not see it as necessary to get one of these two handhelds via Steam Deck or ROG Ally. If this dilemma is not resolved, these proposals are likely to fail.

via: IGN

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