Phil Collins has returned to his third ex-wife, to whom he paid the most expensive divorce in UK history

Phil Collins with his third ex-wife Orian Mirror 163

It appears that Fess Collins and his third ex-wife are back together after six years of divorce It cost the musician 25 million pounds, or about 35 million dollars.

Specifically, the breakup between the former Genesis member and Oriani Seavey was the costliest breakup ever One UK celebrity has ever paid the money.

Although the million-dollar breakup suggests a relationship, the musician confirmed to the magazine painting He resumed his relationship with Orian, and that They have been living together in Miami for six monthsWith their two youngest children: Nicholas (14) and Matthew (10).

“I didn't really talk about it. We've been together for a while and no one noticed“He said when talking about the amount of separation.

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Collins has suffered from health problems in recent months and had to undergo surgery: “The surgery on my back (lower back) went well, but then, when I was recovering on crutches, I fell and broke my foot. When I “recovered from” I underwent surgery. “In the foot, I fell again and broke another part of the same foot. Now my right foot is completely numb.”

Although he is keen to return to the stage and is considering releasing a new album that includes a tour, he cautioned that it may not be in the short term: “I don't know if I'll ever be able to play the drums again. My left arm has changed. It's a nerve-wracking thing.”.

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