PhD students at UNAB meet international experts in exercise and rehabilitation sciences

Written by Maria José Delaporte

Andres Bello University welcomed prominent international academics specialized in exercise and rehabilitation sciences. This is the previous meeting The first conference of the Institute of Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences UNABbecame a valuable example where some students Doctorate in Rehabilitation Sciences From the university he had the opportunity to speak directly with international experts.

The meeting was attended by academics Dr. Ken Nosaka (Edith Cowan University, Australia), Dr. Yannick Blenhoft (Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium), Dr. Eduardo Martinez (University of Birmingham, England), and Dr. Vincent Martin (University of Clermont). Auvergne, France), Dr. Sébastien Garcia Vicencio (Humanfarb, France) and Dr. Aymeric Chalchat (Institute of Biomedical Research of the Armed Forces, France).

Each PhD student was given the opportunity to present details of their research project, and provide an overview of the progress made to date. For their part, academics engaged in open dialogue, offering expert suggestions and guidance to improve each other's research processes.

he Dr. Luis Pinello, Academician and Director of UNAB's Doctoral Program in Rehabilitation SciencesHe highlighted the importance for students of this relaxed opportunity for dialogue: “The possibility of speaking with international leaders in the three lines of research in the program is very enriching from the point of view of the science being conducted throughout the programme. and how their theses can contribute to it.

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