Peruvian referee Kevin Ortega shines in a scandalous confrontation with Christian Pulisic in the USA-Uruguay match in the 2024 Copa America.

Peru He was excluded from Copa America 2024 Last weekend, but there is still something to talk about. And the national ruling Kevin Ortega Starring in a scandalous crossover with Christian Pulisic After defeat and elimination United State in view of Uruguay.

Last Monday, July 1, the Peruvian referee made his debut in this edition of the CONMEBOL competition. He was appointed as the main player in the duel for history 3 of Group C and left many controversies.

Beyond his performance during the 90 minutes of the victory “Tasha” It wasn’t the best. Ortega hits Pulisic After the final whistle. Player AC Milan He came to shake hands with the judge. “Inca” The latter refused.

Your citizens Michael Oro And Stephen Atucci They responded to the 25-year-old midfielder’s greeting, while he kept his hands hidden behind him. This did not please the American athlete at all, who rebuked him.

Kevin Ortega’s disdain may be due to the fact that before his approach, Christian Pulisic made gestures such as inviting him to celebrate with the Uruguayan delegation and blaming him for the United States’ exclusion from the Copa America.

Christian Pulisic pointed to Kevin Ortega after the United States’ match against Uruguay in the 2024 Copa America.

Likewise, the Peruvian referee’s position was exposed all over the world. The international media questioned it, not to mention the CONCACAF team’s fans. Negative comments abounded on social media, and signatures were even collected to prevent him from running a party again.

Kevin Ortega should be banned from refereeing. “In major tournaments”, “What a sad and pathetic excuse for a man who doesn’t shake hands with the captain”, “Critical attitude of Peruvian referee who doesn’t accept the handshake of the US team captain”, are some of the comments on Twitter.

Kevin Ortega confronts Christian Pulisic during the United States vs Uruguay match at the 2024 Copa America – Credits: Getty Images.

During the match, which was held at Arrowhead Stadium, the performance of Kevin Ortega and his American teammates was not happy, especially because of the conceded goal. Matias Oliveira In 66 minutes.

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The photos that later spread on social media showed the defender in an advanced position. “Tasha”Who ended up taking advantage of the rebound from Ronald Araujo’s header and scoring the only goal of the match.

This play, which was analyzed by video refereeing, sparked controversy. However, CONMEBOL supported the referees’ decision by publishing the VAR audio on its YouTube channel.

“I confirm the goal decision. “Both situations are good, but they are possible,” the technology director shouted after drawing two lines, with Chris Richards’ foot passing to Matias Oliveira.

The 1-0 result caused the United States to be surprisingly eliminated from the competition. The opposite was true for Uruguay, who qualified for the quarter-finals of the 2024 Copa America as the first team in Group C.

The one that drives Marcelo Bielsa Rank side by side Panama They have to wait for their opponent. This will come out of the duel between Colombia And Brazil This will be on Tuesday, July 2nd at 8:00 PM Peruvian time at Levi’s Stadium in California.

The quarter-final matches of the CONMEBOL competition will start on Thursday, the third, with the match Argentina vs EcuadorIn this way, the new meeting of the Uruguayans is scheduled to take place on Saturday the 6th at the Allegiant Stadium.

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