Peruvian president sworn in as ministers of economy and justice

Peruvian president sworn in as ministers of economy and justice

2021-07-31 09:50:35 / do the radio

The President of Peru, Pedro Castillo, was sworn in yesterday evening, the Ministers of Economy and Finance, and of Justice and Human Rights, to complete the government that will accompany him in the era of his government (2021-2026). Economist Pedro Frank was sworn in as the new head of the Economics and Finance portfolio, while jurist Anibal Torres protested as the new Minister of Justice and Human Rights. At the ministerial swearing-in ceremony, Castillo asserted that the government belongs to the people and will defend the rights of the majority of Peruvians. “Our commitment is with Peru and not with any other interest than to dedicate each one of our efforts to building a more just, free and dignified country. We will not disappoint you,” he later wrote on his Twitter account.

The study in Argentina did not report ‘any serious adverse event’ after combining Sputnik V with the two vaccines, Sinopharm and AstraZeneca.

They indicated from the Argentine health file that among the population analyzed, 41.6% had no symptoms related to vaccination, 8.4% indicated low-grade fever and back pain, and 50% indicated pain in the area of ​​application. As for the volunteers from different regions of Buenos Aires, who participated in the research, 28.1% were women and 71.8% were men with an average of 49 years old. The distributor of Sputnik V and the Argentine Ministry of Health agree to accelerate the supply of the Russian vaccine. The Ministry of Health explained that the volunteers are divided into groups randomly for combinations that can be heterogeneous (from different laboratories) or homogeneous (from the same laboratory) to form part of what is known as the “control group”.

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The world’s most powerful tidal turbine enters service

Orbital Marine Power, the Scottish company that developed the equipment, reported Wednesday that the world’s most powerful tidal turbine, with a nominal capacity of 2 megawatts, has been commissioned and has begun generating grid-connected power in the UK. It is moored in the waters of the Orkney Islands and connected by submarine cables to the European Marine Energy Center (EMEC), located in this British archipelago. The 680-ton facility, dubbed “O2”, is expected to operate over the next 15 years and be able to meet the annual electricity demand of nearly 2,000 homes in the country with “clean and predictable power” from Rapid water, offsetting approximately 2,200 tons of carbon dioxide production annually, the company detailed. In addition, it will provide power for EMEC’s ​​ground-based electrolyzer to generate green hydrogen.

They agreed to create a new Russian space station

The Russian Space Agency announced that the Scientific and Technical Council of the Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos) has approved the construction of a new Russian space station. “To avoid slowing down the continued development of the near-Earth space infrastructure, it has been proposed to establish a national manned space complex in low Earth orbit: the Russian Orbital Service Station (ROSS),” the letter says. After analyzing the current state of the Russian ISS sector, the engineers concluded that “due to the obsolescence of a significant part of the equipment, the further operation of the Russian ISS sector after 2024 creates additional risks.” “ROSS, which will be developed using new technologies, should be an evolutionary step in the development of a program for lunar exploration, flights to Mars and the application of innovative scientific and technological programs in space,” Roscosmos target.

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Argentine President: OAS has become a “band” against popular governments in Latin America

At the summit marking the second anniversary of the founding of the Puebla Group, the President of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez, stressed that the Organization of American States (OAS) is no longer a “meeting” of Latin American countries. “As it is, it doesn’t work,” Fernandez declared during his speech at the virtual summit of the second anniversary of the founding of the Puebla Group, and emphasized that while Donald Trump was in power in the United States, it was the main regional forum for dialogue. It became a “sort of a gendarmerie” for the North American country to “advance the popular governments of Latin America”. Fernandez noted that the former US president “imposed his policy” on the countries of the region, and created mechanisms that did so. do not work. “For the unity of Latin America, neither for the development nor for the progress of Latin America,” but for the interests of the United States.

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