Peruvian president analyzes possible changes after political consultations

The leaders of two of the participating formations stated that these changes were analyzed in the dialogues, but did not give any details.

According to the head of the centrist People’s Action Party Messias Guevara, it is clear from the meetings that there will be reforms in the ministerial government, for which almost all political forces are pressing from different points of view.

Guevara said Castillo understands that he “has to take the wheel, regenerate his environment and provide greater security for residents through transparent management.”

For his part, the Secretary-General of the Centrist Purple Party, Rodolfo Perez, said that he had raised the issue of the President of Transport and Communications, Juan Silva, to the President, whose retirement was requested by various sectors, who came out unscathed weeks ago. of a parliamentary vote of no confidence.

Lawmakers from the Government Formation Seats, Peru Liber, Together for Peru, and Podemos Peru, also spoke with the president, legislators from the Alliance for Progress did not attend, while the far-right Popular Force, Popular Renewal lawmakers refused to attend. Payes.

Last Tuesday, the president held other meetings, one with the president of Peru’s new co-governing movement, Veronica Mendoza, the former prime minister and congressman of Peru Libre, Guido Peledo, and the head of the Judicial and Popular Party, Miri Coela (part of the Peruvian Free Seat).

“We shared the balance in the first five months of the government, assessing important developments such as vaccination already reaching 76 percent of the target population and economic growth,” Mendoza said about this meeting.

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In addition, he added, they addressed how to “double up women candidates to elect public officials who are honest and committed to change.”


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