Peru accepts a new extradition request for former president Toledo – Prensa Latina

Justice Minister Eduardo Vega said the request referred to a money laundering charge, a case known as Ecoteva, the name of a front company registered in Costa Rica in the name of Karp’s mother, for directing bribes collected from the Brazilian. Odebrecht Corporation.

Toledo and Carb used the money to purchase real estate in Peru, which led to complaints and press investigations that were underway when the former Peruvian president, based in the United States, traveled in a hiatus of investigations and judicial inquiries, to the northern state and eluded national justice.

The extradition request is in addition to the request filed in the Odebrecht case, regarding the bribery crimes committed by Toledo when he received more than $ 20 million from the Brazilian company in exchange for a contract to build road works, according to the company.

Vega indicated that the application will be transferred to the Office of the Attorney General for Internal Procedures before the judicial authority sends the two applications to its counterpart in the United States.

Toledo is under surveillance with an electronic tracker in the United States, at the request of Peruvian to hold him pending development of the handover.

The former president served as Peruvian president with neoliberal and pro-American positions between 2001 and 2006.

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