Personal care and luxury in San Juan night

theSan Juan Night is a very ancient celebration in which the coming of the summer solstice is celebrated in the northern hemisphere, and whose main ritual consists of Light a fire The purpose of these rituals was to “give more power to the sun”, which had become “weaker” from those days onwards – the days became shorter until the winter solstice. Figuratively speaking, fire also had a “purifying” function in the people who contemplated it.

The roots of the San Juan night celebration are lost in time. Our ancestors believed that the sun was in love with the Earth and were reluctant to leave it. That’s why it started Celebrated on the last night of spring, around June 24, It is the shortest year. Added to this is the superstition that this day is the perfect day to exorcise evil spirits and attract righteous people, as well as to cast love and fertility spells.

Take care of your mind

San Juan is a night of rituals and magicians, but what really matters is your sanity. What really changes your life is the power of your mind, no matter how you focus it, have faith in what you do: whether it be a ritual, meditation, prayer…

An example of a ritual to be practiced in San Juan

  • Set up a quiet place where no one will disturb you.
  • Prepare music for dancing, candles and scents, be it incense or jewels.
  • Once prepared, leave this space for a shower or bath. Don’t rush, take a slow shower. Enjoy the scent, use the soap or foam you really like and enjoy its smell and touch, run your hand over your skin, hug it, feel it.
  • Let the water run through your skin Takes your worries away.
  • Imagine every worry as a dark spot and watch the water wash it away.
  • Imagine how water removes your darkness. You are not only cleaning your skin, you are also cleaning your mind and soul. Each time you feel lighter in loads.
  • Enjoy the moment.
  • When you are done, close your eyes and imagine yourself illuminated and filled with light.
  • the next, Moisturise your skin with oil or cream With the gems you love.
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