People who visited Ecuador in the past 10 days will not be able to go to the UK

The United kingdom system runs Traffic lights To facilitate the entry of people from different parts of the world into its territory, and to reduce the risk of infection by covid-19.

At the moment there are three menus: VerdiAnd the amber s Roja. Ecuador It is in the end, which is why they are the people who have stepped on the ground tricolor In the last 10 days they will not be able to enter United kingdom (excluding Irish and British nationals). This was announced by the British Embassy.

This information also appears on the website (, which also details: “If you have been in a Red Listed country or territory in the past 10 days, you can enter the UK only if you are a British or Irish citizen, or have rights of residence in the UK. These rules apply even if People were vaccinated.”

On July 20, 2021, In the red list, Ecuador came next to 30 other countries, among them: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela.

People who manage to travel, for some unusual reason, should get tested for COVID-19. Additional, hotel package from Stone; Includes two tests for the COVID-19 virus. It is also important to complete the passenger website form. It is important to note that a file the hotel And PCR tests have a cost; Visitor assumes total.

The lists are constantly being modified, so it is suggested to visit the official page before starting the visa procedure. “If conditions in a country or territory change, it can be moved from the green list to the amber or red list. If a country or region on the green list is at risk of turning amber, it will also be included in the green watch list.” From The Embassy It also notes that only visitor visas are suspended for the time being. Appointments are available for other types of visas.

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