Penquista suspended the first medal in the United States

It was a giant premiere Penista Nayadeth Garcés at the third edition of the Pan American Special Boat Lifting Championships, Which takes place in the city of St. Louis, United States, with the participation of many Paralympic kings and the world.

In an exemplary job, the athlete from Promesas Chile Concepción tycoon who works for the Teletón Foundation, won the bronze medal in the 50kg bodyweight division of the competition held on the campus of Logan University, in Chesterfield.

After three attempts, Nayath managed to lift 75 kilograms in the first, 78 kilograms in the second and 82 kilograms in the third, a mark that earned him the podium and also meant his personal record, surpassing the highest record he achieved by six kilograms. Specifically in qualifying for the event, two months ago.

the fruit of labor

From Concepción and attentive to his performance, Juan Carlos Parra, DT of Parapowerlifting Biobío Club, celebrated what his student had done.

“We are very happy with this achievement. Technically, the three lifts were correct and this is the result of his effort and discipline, which is incredible. We prepared this performance, nothing impromptu, there is a previous job where I actually did these marks. He pointed out that the secret It lies in their effort and commitment.

This Monday, Nyadth Garces will return to the courts in search of another medal, this time in a team competition with Camila Campos and Marian Serrano.

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