Peasant Development Commission calls for more protests in Guatemala – Prensa Latina

In concerted press conferences in various departments of the country, Kodica leaders renewed their demand for the resignation of the country’s President Alejandro Giamatti and Attorney General Consuelo Porras, and called for the formation of a transitional government to call for the drafting of the constitution. A new political constitution.

On International Indigenous Peoples Day, we will make our dignity grow and declare to the whole world that even after 200 years of Creole and apartheid republic, we are still fighting for our lives, they said.

They made it clear that the call for tomorrow’s strike is for all people and we will fight at the national level until Giamatti and Porras resign.

For Codeca, it is not enough to require the departure of both officials; They will go to a People’s Constituent Assembly to draft a new constitution because the current constitution, they said, does not respond to their interests.

Given the new appeal, it is expected that more than 200,000 people will support the call, after last Thursday and Friday, when closures on key points of roads were the most important program of demonstrations taking place since July 29 against the government.

On Sunday, the Guatemala Virginia Platform, made up of civil society organizations, a project they identified as a unit and meeting point for creating the national government’s agenda, was publicly displayed.

They explained: “We do not encourage any candidacy, but rather it will take place through the legal stages that must be implemented in accordance with the provisions of the electoral law and political parties.”

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Another step in the expression of the opposition forces occurred the day before with the first meeting of the indigenous authorities of the peoples and people’s social organizations, which concluded with a statement to the citizens with a similar petition to Giamatti and Boras to betray the people. . Guatemala and reforming impunity and corruption. ‘

Likewise, they declared their rejection of the activities programmed by the Executive to celebrate the bicentenary of independence because “the only thing that has left the indigenous population is poverty, exclusion, malnutrition and losses in our lands,” they asserted.

In their proposal, the signatories called for “the advancement of the fabric for the good of life” of Guatemalans to build unity and preserve the struggle for democracy, social peace and development.

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