Patricia Espinosa (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) sees COP 26 success if G20 does more

Glasgow (UK), Oct 31 (EFEverde) – . The UN Executive Secretary on Climate Change, Patricia Espinosa, of Mexico, said on Monday that the success of the COP26 conference, which begins on Sunday, is “entirely possible”, but requires more ambition, especially from the G20 countries.

“Success at the COP is entirely possible” but “we need more ambition from more countries, especially from the big countries that emit from the G-20, which are responsible for nearly 80% of global emissions,” Espinosa declared at the opening The twenty-sixth session of the Conference of the Parties in Britain. City of Glasgow.

The UN Secretary-General in charge of climate affairs added that the current climate is a “key point in history” where “humanity is faced with clear and stark choices”.

“Either we choose rapid, large-scale emissions cuts to maintain the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees or humanity faces a bleak future,” said Espinosa, who has also called for redoubled efforts to adapt and mitigate. More families will die.”

On the first day of two weeks of conferences and negotiations to keep global warming at the turn of the century below 1.5 degrees in relation to pre-industrial values, he issued a warning to attendees if there was no change of course: “We are investing in our own extinction.”

Espinosa, who asked the parties to act collectively, added “not only for the present generations but also” for all who will come.

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