Pathetic! Mexico’s sun

Representatives who organized the Mexican-Russian Committee. It would be that they had not seen the images of Russia’s brutal attack on Ukraine. The pain inflicted on the innocent population knows no bounds. The farewell of those who remained to defend their territory, those who flee to protect their lives, causes goosebumps. Hundreds of children were killed barbarously, some bombs ceaselessly destroying everything in their path.

In the archaic and outdated name of the left, the mega-rogue Alberto Anaya – the eternal leader of the Workers’ Party – had a pathetic idea to found this commission, which goes against the current of thought prevailing in most parts of the world.

The dictator Putin, an individual with no other ideology than to enrich himself and his delusions to remake the disappearing Soviet Union – invades those who lived the horror of being at the top – mercilessly attacks a country that is defending its independence, freedom and liberty. Sovereignty, with great resolve.

The courage of the Ukrainians, in going into battle with a better armed and stronger army, was exemplary. Hence the international sympathy for the unbeatable land.

The ignorance of the emperor of the Aztec palace clouds his vision – as he has since he became a phantom dictator – to defend Ukraine as it should. And his blindfold goes so far as to criticize the United States, for the millionaire assistance it is giving them which, according to his shortsightedness, must be for “Latin America”. Moreover, he would think that the sons of tyrants do not realize the extent of the corruption of the many abusers in these countries and the prevalence of populist executioners and tyrants, who are equally corrupt. With his vulgar rhetoric, he facilitated the folly of these legislators, of course Morena, of the PT and one of the PRI, to establish this true affront to humanity, the intelligence of Mexicans and the principles and values ​​that govern peace. coexistence.

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He is responsible for inaugurating his “great” work of Santa Lucia, and he is obsessed with the sterile, the useless, the purest example of wasting our taxes, and consulting for the “ratification of the mandate”; He attacks and humiliates the artists and activists who made a video calling for a halt to the destruction of the environment, to build their own mini Mayan train and pretend that “Our Lady spoke to her” in a mutton brawl.

The country is collapsing in his hands, he is completely exhausted and continues his role as a mere idiot, as if his daily demagoguery is going to solve some very serious problems, starting with the corruption in his government.

Corruption reaches the highest levels of the hierarchy, as with Gertz, Olga Sánchez Cordero and Shearer, a story that weaves together a compendium of abuse of power, abuse of power and acts of corruption, such as Senator Juan Zepeda.

On Monday, the Supreme Court of Justice will be forced to release Alejandra Cuevas, who fabricated a crime for which she spent more than 500 days in prison. If she did not, she would assert her character as an operator of palace orders, oblivious to the Constitution, which should be her first and essential association.

We see what we didn’t think we dreamed of, not even in our worst nightmare. The lack of control is widespread and amounts to a Congress riddled with scourges that combine corruption and outdated ideologies.

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