Participants in “The Squid Game: The Challenge” threaten to sue Netflix

Written by Jesús Martinez

Netflix’s reality show “The Squid Game: The Challenge” did not end for any of its contestants, but the games played caused serious injuries to many of the participants, which the platform was about to confront. Legal problems resulting from these events.

In recent days, Netflix has premiered a game show based on one of its most successful productions, “The Squid Game,” which tells the story of a strange clan that organizes a series of horrific games in which participants who fail to overcome them lose. More than a millionaire award, life.

According to information published by Deadline, a law firm in the United Kingdom issued a statement warning of filing a class action lawsuit against the producers of the reality show demanding financial compensation.

One game that would cause these injuries was “Green Light, Red Light,” where they must escape from a threatening doll. This game was filmed at RAF Base Bedford, during a cold snap, causing three contestants to require medical attention; Information confirmed by Netflix.

For its part, the live broadcast platform denied the validity of these accusations, as it claimed that all kinds of precautions were taken during the recordings to ensure the safety of the participants.

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