Parque Explora de León receives 1,754 visitors after a free day

Leon, Guanajuato /

No less than 1,754 Leones have enjoyed the Explora Science Center, thanks to the implementation of free access, all in a regulated environment and under the implementation of sanitary measures.

Members of the Hernández Saldaña family, who attended the conference, experienced technology, learning and fun 5 new rooms Interactive rooms and a creative lab for the Science Center, and they said they were delighted with the implementation of this new initiative.

“Today, with this new initiative, you are setting the standards for families to leave their homes, have fun, get to know each other and become a source of learning,” said Luis Arturo Hernandez, father of the Hernandez Saldana family.

Likewise, Moisés Ulises Salas stated that he did not know the Science Center and that now, thanks to free admission, they could enjoy it as a family.

“This is new to us and they have given us the opportunity to enjoy it. We are aware that the government here in Lyon is concerned about families and coexistence.”

Until Sunday, February 21, More than 119 thousand leoni They enjoyed the public spaces for free.


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