Paraguayan researcher focuses on studying diseases transmitted by insect vectors – Science

Dr. Lady Mayra Herrera Cabrera, a parasitologist, is working to establish a monitoring unit for ecological and pathological complexes that identifies the presence of unique diseases transmitted by vector insects in the Great Central and Asuncion.

The study proposes establishing an assessment unit for environmental, landscape and biological components of diseases of importance to the country, such as those transmitted by vector insects, with a focus on dengue, and strengthening groups engaged in research and control. Disease vectors to guide health policy.

The researcher was settled thanks to the Paraguay Repatriation and Radiation Program for External Researchers of the National Council for Science and Technology (Conacyt) through the Institute for Research in Health Sciences (IICS). She has a Doctor of Science degree from the Instituto Oswaldo Cruz – Viecruz (Brazil).

Dr. Herrera, with other IICS researchers, has updated the available data from the records for the presence of vector-borne disease vectors in the central department; In addition to updating records of previous vector infection in the past five years.

The research is conducted through field sampling and use of recorded data to collect and identify vectors and reservoirs of disease agents, geolocation, study of ports through Geographical Information System (GIS) and transmission copy distribution analysis. Cycles, sensitive or resistant to control by bioassays, Conacyt Aware.

Similarly, indicators of resistance/susceptibility to the vector of dengue virus were analyzed at the level of central administration data to support changes in spraying policies and control of vector insects.

Researchers are currently working on evaluating the animals and landscapes associated with these diseases. In addition, the investigations carried out followed the training of students in the profession of biology at the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences (FACEN-UNA).

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Dr. Herrera also holds a degree in Biology from the Central University of Venezuela and a degree with a teacher training component from the Faculty of Humanities and Education from the same university.

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