Panama condemns coup attempts in Bolivia

PANAMA CITY, NOVEMBER 14 (PRINSA LATINA) The Committee of Friends of the Plurinational State of Bolivia in Panama Oeste today condemned the attempted coup against the constitutional president of the Andean Amazonian state, Luis Ars.

A group called “Sea for Bolivia” denied in a statement the attack that took place last Friday on the headquarters of the Peasants’ Union and the state television teams in the eastern city of Santa Cruz.

The Solidarity group also rejected the hostile attitude of those it designated as the fascist legions of the Crocinista Youth Union, sponsored by the governor of that ordination, Luis Fernando Camacho, and the president of the Pro Santa Cruz Civic Committee, Rómulo Calvo.

“We express to the people, government, President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia Luis Arce and Vice President David Chuquihuanca our support and solidarity against this new coup attempt against the people, democracy and rule of law in Bolivia, with the complicity of the CIA and the US imperialist regime,” the text notes.

The day before, Arce himself had warned promoters of a strike in Santa Cruz that popular forces would defend democracy in the streets.

“The right wants to win with these movements what it could not win in the elections,” the president warned during an act in Chuquisaca, in the south of the country, describing it as unacceptable that they are now trying to raise their heads when they do not have popular support.

Arce and Choquehuanca won the 2020 general election with 55.1% of the vote.

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For his part, the Executive Secretary of the Central Santa Cruz Province of Obrera, Rolando Borda, denounced in an interview with the state TV channel of Bolivia, that the assault and looting of the headquarters was planned and financed by some businessmen from that department.

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