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AIM found the second Saturday in October to be World Palliative Care Day. A method of treatment that is little spread in the world, which seeks to help, support and improve the condition of terminal patients and their families, so that they can better face the departure of that close person.

2022 Theme: Healing Hearts and Societies
Each year, the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) defines a theme and develops a series of resources so that any association, organization or person can contribute to an event.

The theme for 2022 is “Healing Hearts and Societies”.

Palliative care is a fundamental right
Today, the World Health Organization has decreed that palliative care is a fundamental right of all people. However, 50% of terminally ill patients around the world never receive it and 75% die of emotional pain.

In fact, palliative therapy includes a wide range of treatments, from providing medications to relieve the patient’s physical pain, to psychotherapy for him and his family, social work and a range of activities that allow him to enjoy his best. The way his last moments in this world, under the circumstances.

But what is palliative care?
Palliative care is nothing new. They appeared during the Middle Ages, as they tried to provide shelter and comfort for the suffering of patients who later died due to the slight development in health and sanitary conditions at that time.

Later, around 1967, the first nursing home for the elderly that accepted terminally ill persons appeared in London. It was intended to provide physical and psychological support, both for patients and their families so that they could deal with grief. In addition to conducting studies to find new treatments that can extend their life or treat this disease in the future.

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However, what we understand today as a hospice is not the same as a hospice. In a palliative care center, the estimated age of the patient should exceed 6 months and also, there should be a very small chance that the disease will be transmitted. On the other hand, a hospice is a place where there is no turning back and only seeks to provide the best care to the patient and his family so that they can accept the situation.

Why do we celebrate Palliative Care Day?
The goal is to make people aware of this type of treatment and help them better deal with this type of condition.

Palliative care professionals focus their attention on providing the terminally ill patient with a new view of their situation, where they can focus on all the good things they have put in and on giving thanks for life, for allowing them to enjoy it even for a brief period. Shortly. Moment.

Another goal that professionals have is to help families prepare for the inevitable and better deal with loss. To do this, they subject the entire family group to psychosocial treatments, shutting down any emotional process related to the patient.

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