Palestinian groups discuss the mechanisms of successful elections in Egypt – Prensa Latina

According to the seventh day digital portal, the meeting, which began this morning in an atmosphere of harmony, was attended by representatives of 15 groups.

The goal is to define ways to ensure the success of the elections, as a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization Central Committee, Azzam al-Ahmad, commented earlier.

In January, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas issued a decree calling for legislative elections to be held in May, followed by presidential elections in July, the first such process in nearly 15 years.

The PLO leader added that at the meeting in Egypt, we will analyze key issues such as security during the vote, as well as ideas for forming coalition lists.

Al-Ahmad, who is also part of the Fatah leadership, said that this movement has an outstretched hand for everyone, including Hamas, which is based in the Gaza Strip and has been at odds with it for years.

These talks in Cairo coincide with a meeting of the Arab League that called for analysis of the latest events surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In September 2020, representatives of all Palestinian organizations decided to overcome differences and form a united front with a commitment to end the Zionist occupation and achieve historic aspirations such as establishing a sovereign state on the pre-1967 war borders and its capital. In East Jerusalem.

The Prime Minister of the Palestinian National Authority, Muhammad Shtayyeh, stressed in statements to the press that we are happy with the positive environment around the audit, which we want to be a door to complete our democratic life and unify the homeland.

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He said that we will use all our efforts and capabilities to conduct the upcoming elections.

Abbas also aspires to hold an international peace conference this year with the aim of directing negotiations with Israel, based on the resolutions issued by the United Nations, which requested the support of that body to hold the forum.

The United Nations supports the vision of the two neighboring countries as a way out of the conflict.

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