Pablo Iglesias who is applying for two Associate Professor positions to return to Complutense University

  • The former leader of Podemos has applied for a place in the Faculties of Political Science and Information Science

  • During this course, he collaborated in various media and worked on a research group of the Interdisciplinary Internet Institute (IN3).

  • Pablo Iglesias withdrew from active politics after failing to meet expectations in the regional elections in which he competed with Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

Former Deputy Prime Minister and former leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias declared his desire to Back to teaching at Complutense University, where he applied for two places as associate professor.

This was announced by Iglesias himself on Twitter, where he explained that he chooses places in College of Politicswhere he already taught lessons before devoting himself to politics, and in Information sciences.

“I hope there will be luck. I would like to teach again at Compolo,” he reveals more than a year after leaving politics after his poor result in the Madrid Community elections on May 4, 2021.

Iglesias, who surprisingly announced his departure from the government to compete against Isabel Díaz Ayuso in Madrid, decided to abandon active politics after failing to achieve his goals.

Soon, he announced his merger into a research group at the Interdisciplinary Internet Institute (IN3), attached to the Uberta de Catalunya (UOC), an assignment ending after a year, of which he is an academic article, where he explained.

Also during this session He has collaborated in various mediaLike the newspaper Gara, Cadena Ser shares a meeting with former Socialist Minister Carmen Calvo and former Minister of the People’s Party José Manuel García Margallo and through its “podcast” in the newspaper Publico.

Academic CV

Along with his political career, Iglesias has broad academic career, He holds a doctorate in political science, a bachelor’s degree in law (from UCM) and other postgraduate studies, such as a master’s degree in humanities from Carlos III University.

Among other achievements, he received an honorary doctorate from the Metropolitan University of Buenos Aires, and received other awards and certificates, such as the Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz Medal from the Plurinational Legislative Assembly of Bolivia.

In addition, he has participated in various Research groups in the field of social sciences. For example, he was responsible for the project “Cinema to understand the basic concepts of the social sciences”.

On the other hand, it has Published several books such as “Nudo España” with journalist Enric Juliana; ‘New Transition. Materials of the Year of Change’; ‘Democratic Struggle.’ Politics in Times of Crisis or ‘Win or Die’. Political lessons from Game of Thrones.

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