Outstanding students who participated in the National Science Fair

An action was held at the Innovation Center in recognition of school inquiry projects; Where the forty institutions that represented the governorate were distinguished in the National Exhibition for Education, Arts, Science and Technology 2022.

Science fairs are a space for learning and growth in the life and school pathways of many children, youth and adults in the country. Classroom work made the interest in knowledge, imagination, and creativity to solve problems in all areas emerge more strongly.

The event was chaired by the Minister of Education, John Paul Lichtmager; He was accompanied by the Minister of Education, Isabelle Amit Perez; level managers Sylvia Nizar (elementary education); Daniel Vega (technical education); Karina Hormigo (Private education); Rural Education Method Coordinator, Juan Manuel Victoria.

“I would like to thank the supervisors, managers and teams who accompanied the boys on this path of inquiry. School is the key for them to produce based on their interests, and the support of those responsible for guidance is essential to the embodiment of these goals. Today we offer humble recognition of the efforts, in the hope that what boys and girls take From the party today is a small seed growing and guiding them to reap a great search,” said Lichtmager.

Florence Aragona member of the COACYT technical team, said “We have recognized all the schools that participated in the national edition of the science fair, it is a process that has been developed since the beginning of the year where knowledge and learning are built as projects they were progressing towards the main goal of improving learning and improving teaching. Our minister, Juan Pablo Lichtmajer, who was accompanying us and who was greatly appreciated by teachers, families and students since later, was made directly to talk in a more pleasant way with everyone.

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Mariano Alderet, A student from Romera Pozo High School said, “I felt very happy to participate in the science fair, which is a very different and very wonderful experience for us. Minister Lichtmager also attended us, and it was important for us to get this recognition.”

Zoe Mendesa student at José Antonio Álvarez Condarco School of Commerce in Acheral, concluded “I thought it was very nice to participate in the science fair, when we started this project I didn’t imagine to be here. I would like to tell everyone to encourage themselves to participate yes they have limits that they tried to cross plus that The minister visited us. I did not expect him and when I saw him, it was really surprising.”

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