Ottola asks Miami-Dade mayor to end ‘Castro spokesmen’

On his Hello! Ota-Ola, Cuban presenter and influencer Alex Otaola, has asked Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniela Levine Cava to take action against Castro regime spokespeople who live luxurious lives in Florida.

Based on the decision of many governments to conclude contracts and withdraw benefits from Russian businessmen and companies associated with that country after the invasion of Ukraine by the President of Russia, Castro’s ally, the presenter asked Levin Kava not to forget “Castro’s oligarchs.

“Madam Mayor, look at the face of a person who supports the Cuban dictatorship, who has accounts here, receives dollars here, and ends up feeding these dollars to the Cuban dictatorship.”

via Alexander O’Taula on his show

The petitioner’s request comes after Miami-Dade County took “domestic action” to reject the attack on Ukraine.

“We’ve already removed the Russian flags from the airport that was there and are looking at all the county contracts to see if anyone would benefit from going to Russia.”

Daniela Levine Cava explained last Thursday

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Ottola highlights the cases of Castro, Michel Mirabal and Victor Meza

In this regard, Otaola considered that if the mayor’s office took action against the Russian and other communist partners within the province, it should also consider vetoing the Castroians living in Miami, while defending the so-called “revolution” in the greater Antilles.

“If you are going to demand all those who support the Russians and have a partnership with the Russians, remember that Victor Mesa, the Fidelista, the spokesman for the dictatorship, is also here. So, if you are going to take some kind of action with the allies of the Russians, you will also take it with those people who are here who are They make fun of the Cuban exile.”


Miami-Dade Mayor, Daniela Levine Cava / Photo: Video

Referring to his followers Michel Mirabal and Victor Mesa, Alex Ottola considered the spokesmen of the dictatorship to be also allies of the Russians.

“Madam Mayor, since you have decided to take action with the allies of the Russians and with the Russian businessmen, do not forget Michel Mirabal, do not forget Victor Mesa, and do not forget every one of the spokesmen of the order who may live. Enjoy your freedom, take care of this please.”


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