Oscar 2021: Candidates will be able to travel to the United States as primary workers

Candidates for the next Oscars They will finally be able to travel to Los Angeles because they are considered essential, according to a letter stating that Hollywood Academy Send out party guests on April 25th.

The letter published by the magazine on Tuesday diverseIn this article, it explains the conditions participants must fulfill, such as a 10-day quarantine without contact with strangers and three PCR tests: Before travel, when landing, and on the day of the celebration.

You must be quarantined for 10 days after your arrival

In this way, the organization will approach its main purpose, a party without video calls, after making sure that it will not be an option to participate in the event unlike other award ceremonies such as Golden balls I will go Amy.

His position was not without some criticism, especially after imprisonment imposed in countries such as France or the United Kingdom, where alternative places were to be prepared, and recent extensions of international travel restrictions.

With the new procedure it appears that it will be easier to go to Hollywood for candidates who live outside the United States and their buddies. Provided they land before April 17th Inform your travel plans in advance.

The letter states, “If you travel to Los Angeles County from outside California, you must self-isolate for 10 days after your arrival and cannot interact with anyone during those 10 days.”

The primary goal of the Oscars is for all of the best song nominees to live in California, which is, for example, a delicate position by Laura Bossini, in Italy, who selects the statuette of “Io yes” from the tape “La vita davanti a se”.

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To do so safely, officials booked Union Station, the central train station in Los Angeles, where they designed an outdoor space for the awards ceremony.

Part of the Oscars is also expected to take place at Dolby Theater, the traditional home of the major film festival planned this year as a live movie.

“Mank” is, with ten nominations, the most Academy Award-nominated film From Pandemic, “Nomadland”, with six options for the figurine, appears as the main favorite after being swept away in this bizarre season of the Hollywood Awards.

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