Ortega ignores the international outcry over the abuses committed by his regime

The regime withdrew the credentials of its officials in the Organization of American States in Washington, expelled that body from Nicaragua and announced its withdrawal from that regional body, although it began that process in November 2021.

“We will not have a presence in any of the cases of that diabolical tool of the Organization of American States,” the regime announced its withdrawal, through a statement read out by Foreign Minister Denis Moncada.

That notorious body will not have an office in our country either. Their local branch is closed. Abandoning that infernal mechanism from which we immediately withdraw with absolute dignity,” Moncada read the statement, afflicted with adjectives.

Former Ambassador Kochis asserted that Ortega’s actions send a bad signal to the world because the OAS has a series of powers and privileges as a diplomatic organization, just like the headquarters of the embassy.

“The occupation and siege of the embassy and the prevention of entry or exit of individuals is a violation of international law, and Ortega also violates existing agreements to protect and protect diplomats, and is subject to a series of very large violations with these types of actions,” he emphasized.

In this sense, the diplomat explained that the actions of the ruler Sandinista They only harm the Nicaraguans “because by separating from the Organization of American States, it (leaves) at once the protective jurisdiction of entities such as the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), an organization created by the member states of the Organization of American States” , among other examples.

Meanwhile, Nicaragua Carlos Fernando Carrillo, whom we will call this for security reasons, an expert in diplomacy and international relations, asserts that the work of the organization has not been aggressive.

He asserted that “the OAS was so ineffective with the dictatorship in Nicaragua that it was the regime that ended up expelling them long before the regional organization could conclusively do so.”

Kochis said that although the OAS had no coercive power, leaving Nicaragua would have to comply with a two-year procedure.

Carrillo agreed with this approach and emphasized that “the country is not the one to decide when and how to break, though [Nicaragua] In the process of leaving the Organization of American States, until the expiration of the two years, must be subject to what is determined by the Organization. He pointed out that we hope to implement the Democratic Charter of the American States or illegitimacy, official ignorance, diplomatic, political and economic blockade against dictatorship with pressure measures, sanctions and related trials.

The OAS expressed through a statement that “Nicaragua is a full member of the organization and must comply with all its obligations. Article 33 of the OAS charter guarantees the immunity of its activities in member states.”

“We call on the Nicaraguan government to respect the obligations that currently govern its relationship with the Organization of American States and with any international organization to which Nicaragua is a party,” he added.

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Regarding file reservation, the agency stated that “offices, files and documents enjoy the utmost inviolability. Its violation by the Nicaraguan authorities makes it internationally responsible for its consequences.”

The regime paid little attention to the OAS argument, and hours later announced the confiscation of property, a typical Sandinista practice that it applied during the first phase of the regime, when large palaces and precious possessions remained in government hands.


Former ambassador Kochis estimates Ortega may face problems with credit applications and payments when he leaves the regional body.

“It will affect the payments to Nicaragua’s international financial organizations because Ortega has already removed Nicaragua from its membership in regional organizations,” the diplomat said.

orphan town

Although 80% of the Nicaraguan population does not support the Sandinista regime, Nicaraguans lack opposition leaders. While the seven former presidential candidates who were supposed to compete with Ortega in the November 2021 elections remain in prison, they have been sentenced to between eight and 13 years in prison.

However, the opposition failed to unite. Many blame members of the opposition for links with Sandinista dissidents and private companies for dismantling the protests in April, when they heed Ortega’s call to “negotiate,” a measure that ended up fueling the dictatorship and allowing him to organize paramilitaries and carry out clean-up operations. .

Luciano Monti, a thinker and analyst whose name we will name for security reasons, stated that at this moment “the people have no leaders, they are orphans. Here there is a situation that is difficult to perceive or not at all perceive, the majority and the disorganized opposition are the people. The media and the structured opposition are By propaganda, it is the globalization of the Sandinistas.”

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In his view, what he calls “Sandinista globalization” that previously ruled with Ortega “will end up being associated with the dissatisfied Sandinista official, the international community will bless and recognize him and our evil will only exchange our hands. It is not pessimism, it is frustration to see so much shame from the corrupt political class and big mafia capital.

Monti is referring to the internal struggles within the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN), the so-called historical fighters, mostly paramilitaries who today face the control exercised by Vice President Rosario Murillo in that party, and that the dissident Sandinismo receives with good eyes. .

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