Organizations will increase their investment in technology: Samsara

In his annual report on “State of Connected Operations 2023”And samsara Outlines a new perspective on how organizations operate within the industries that generate more than 40% of global GDP They are reinventing their operations.

Conducted with information from more than 1,500 physical operations leaders in nine countries, this global study reveals the investment strategies the leaders pursue to generate new sources of income, take advantage of emerging technologies and navigate economic uncertainty and geopolitics.

Among the achievements identified is that despite macroeconomic uncertainty, companies continue to invest in digital technology to modernize their physical operations. The report highlights that 67% are increasing their technology budgets this year, suggesting that while the state of the global economy can be volatile, technology is a smart investment in terms of improving security, compliance and increasing revenue.

According to Julia Monroy, Regional Sales Director for Samsara Mexico.

as an alternative To increase supply chain predictability and efficiency, 95% of leaders plan to implement at least one of these strategies this year: supplyAnd Rounding also friendship.

One such example lives in Mexico, where the people transportation sector is growing as a result of the arrival of new investments due to a trend Rounding. Deriving from the above, a larger investment in information technology is needed to meet the needs of existing customers.

In the case of artificial intelligence (AI), it plays a transformative role in physical operations through process automation, Improve security and organize data to make strategic decisions and increase operational efficiency.

The report released by Samsara shows that 84% of leaders plan to use AI by 2024, Recognizing its value in improving processes and decision making. Only a small percentage of 5% have no plans to adopt this technology.

He said, “Artificial intelligence helps us quickly identify diversions and other violations on the different roads our vehicles operate on. We are also implementing automation to send alerts to drivers and supervisors as soon as they happen so that they can take appropriate action and prevent the recurrence of such violations.” Keren Carvajal, Chief Monitoring Center, North Region at Techint.

The report also highlights that nearly one in six employees by 2025 is expected to be in jobs that do not currently exist, underscoring the need for adaptability and skill development in the work environment.

One area of ​​possible future in Mexico is sustainability. “62% of physical operations leaders are expected to invest in electric vehicles through pay-per-use or subscription charging stations by 2025,” says the report.

However, it did show that Mexico currently has the lowest saturation of electric and hybrid vehicles compared to other global markets. But that may soon change as decarbonization reshapes physical processes, driven by regulatory requirements and interest in government sustainability grants. Mexico stands out in this regard, with 60% of leaders planning to receive sustainability grants in the next two years.

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The surveys for the study were conducted by an independent research firm, Lawless Research, between February 6 and March 10, 2023. To do this, 1,525 physical operations leaders (CEOs, presidents, vice presidents, and directors) in nine countries: France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

the report “State of Connected Operations 2023” You can consult him here.

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