Organization chief, to prison for buying it votes

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Rio de Janeiro took over the headquarters 2016 Olympics To Madrid, Tokyo and Chicago. However, five years later, it was confirmed that he did so through buy votes. Investigations, promoted by the Brazilian Public Prosecutor’s Office in 2017 and with the support of FBI That same year, they concluded with the indictment of four of the organization’s top officials by allocating more than $2 million for support in the final vote. The fact that the sporting event par excellence is polluted all over the world.

Carlos Arthur Nuzman He was the great person his country’s justice referred to. The former head of the Brazilian Olympic Committee will have to face 30 years and 11 months in prison for buying votes. He still has the option of saving himself by appealing the ruling, but a comprehensive investigation backs up the way the 2016 Olympic venue selection was manipulated. Nusman, the committee’s top representative for 20 years, has “fallen at 79 after five years of doubts.”

The votes were also bought, for which they were able to invest more than two million dollars, in cooperation with three other high-ranking officials of the organization. One of them is Nusman’s right hand, Leonardo Greiner, who will spend 13 years and 10 months in prison for the crimes committed. And he, as noted, was responsible for organizing that economic injection to get the necessary support.

Olympic Village Rio 2016

In addition, they were also convicted Sergio Cabral Governor of Rio de Janeiro and businessman Arthur Soares. The former was arrested and imprisoned in the same year with the Olympics. It was in 2016 when, as a result of other corruption cases of which he was a part, he had to go to prison. This was one of the keys to the investigation, given its history and the various open lawsuits that allowed agreements to be reached in exchange for information about the Rio 2016 purchase.

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However, the case of Arthur Soares is also strange. The businessman was capable of anything. Until reaching agreements with Donald Trump’s company that ran Trump Hotel. But the explosion of this Rio affair in 2017 dampened his business aspirations. Years later, the businessman is still missing and has not been prosecuted, despite being cited as the facilitator of those millions who worked to turn the Brazilian city into a venue for a highly competitive Olympic Games.

The FBI paid everything

The Brazilian attorney general’s office began to fear a corruption case in September 2017, just one year after the Olympics. In addition, he made his first arrests and Nusman denied any allegations of bribery. However, the investigation would have taken on a larger dimension when the FBI got involved months later. American body, in In cooperation with France and the United KingdomHe requested, among other things, maximum information to locate the corrupt plot in the 2009 election.

Information published on the day before The Wall Street Journal, to the fact that the games were used as a means to slander the actions of those involved through this corruption mechanism. By buying the votes of IOC members, Rio de Janeiro will have a free hand to win the 2016 Games where it ended.

Carlos Arthur Nuzman, former president of the Brazilian Olympic Committee, has been arrested

Carlos Arthur Nuzman, former president of the Brazilian Olympic Committee, has been arrested


Three years after the Olympics and only two years since this police track began, Brazil He realized the facts: the elections were bought. Unlike Nuzman, Sergio Cabral asserted during the series of trials that he asked for money to buy votes. Thus, the ex-governor of Rio de Janeiro exposed a corrupt conspiracy that ended with dozens of years in prison as a punishment.

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Five years after the 2016 Rio Olympics, the Brazilian judiciary was able to explain that an election had been rigged. A new black mark for this organization that received a lot of criticism in its day. It must be remembered that during Rio 2016 there were incomprehensible moments such as the green pools due to their poor treatment and that a few years ago access to some facilities was prohibited due to the danger posed to the residents.

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