Or is the challenge real? Watch 5 Doubts About the New Reality on Netflix

Or a reality show Round 6: Or challenge Netflix’s catalog is released this fourth week (22) and is now one of the two highlights of the week on the platform, topping the list of the streaming’s top 10 shows. Based on the original South Korean series of the same name, which launched in 2021, the production is directed by Liz Oakes and is accompanied by a competition between 456 participants competing against each other for a prize of US$4.56 million in a series of positional games. Than limit everything in xeque.

The new UK Netflix original project, produced by Studio Lambert and The Garden, is produced by ITV Studios Limited, and the scenes have been surrounded by controversy. Among them, the health conditions of two participants are increased during filming, and there is also a lack of minimum cache for participation and the preference of some players. Despite this, the program raises many doubts among the public. TechTudo Make a list explaining each of them. Sure:

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Round 6: The Challenge is the latest reality show based on the Netflix original series – Image: Divulgação/Pete Dadds/Netflix

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1. Round 6: Is the challenge real?

In fact, the program consists of a competition between 456 real participants with a prize value of $4.56 million, which is the largest amount of money awarded in the history of two reality shows and game shows. The dynamics of the series include various tests that test the limits and physical and psychological resistance of the players in harsh conditions, with the only difference being that here they are not limited, unlike what happens in the South Korean series. The games in the quest are inspired by the cards presented in the sixth round, which include Batatinha Frita 1,2,3 and Colmeia de Açúcar.

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However, in recent controversies, some participants claim that reality favors certain names. According to the magazine rolling stone, Former players noted that some participants (including TikTok and Instagram influencers) appeared to have been pre-selected to advance in the shoot, regardless of the results. There are also stories from players saying that game titles have been changed in favor of certain names.

2. Round 6: The Challenge is Season 2 of Round 6?

No, this is not the second season of the drama, which has only been confirmed via live broadcast, but still does not have a specific release date. Netflix’s new launch is actually a reality show inspired by the original series of the same name. It is worth noting that none of the show’s fictional characters actually appear in the competition program, except for the masked organizers of the shows.

The competition series will have 10 episodes in its first season – Image: Divulgação/Pete Dadds/Netflix

3. How many episodes?

In total only Ten episodes average 50 minutes In its first season, the survival show will have new chapters available in its weekly broadcast catalog at the beginning of December. Confirmation or schedule:

  • 11/22/2023: Episodes 1 through 5 – available now
  • 11/29/2023: Episodes 3 to 9
  • 06/12/2023: Final episode

4. How is Round 6: O Challenge evaluated? E-boom?

Despite the long-awaited public announcement from Netflix’s official announcement of the show and its high ranking among streaming competitors, the reality show was not received well from professional critics. This is mainly due to the revelation of several interviews with the show’s participants regarding most of the players’ health conditions and the injustices committed during filming.

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The same command as above gives Rolling StoneSome participants were reportedly forced to film in extremely cold conditions, having to spend 9 hours inside a frozen airport hangar, in addition to the rebuilding time required under these conditions. In a magazine interview, two of his colleagues said: “It was the most brutal and cruel thing I have ever witnessed. “It was like a human horse race, and they treated us like horses running in the cold.”

On IMDb aggregator, the production debuted with a score of 4.1, based on 1.6 thousand reviews, while on Rotten Tomatoes, it has only 42% approval by professionals and 22% approval by the general public.

The new reality show Chegou Ao streams surrounded by criticism and controversial scenes – Photo: Divulgação/Netflix

5. Round 6 of Quem ganha: or the challenge?

Even as the show’s popularity rises, Netflix releases new episodes weekly into its catalog. Accordingly, the final episode of the reality show will be released on the platform next December 6, with the result of the winner of the competition.

Watch the official trailer for Round 6: The Challenge:

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