Opposition MPs in Venezuela are calling on the United States to lift the economic sanctions imposed on the country

Parliamentarian Timotio Zambrano denounced that nearly 800 executive orders against Venezuela constitute “genocide”.

The Chairman of the Permanent Committee for Foreign Policy in the Venezuelan National Assembly, Timotio Zambrano, confirmed today, Wednesday, that the unilateral coercive measures imposed by Washington on Caracas constitute “GenocideSo he urged the new US government to lift it.

The opposition parliamentarian affirmed that the International Criminal Court itself recognizes that the crime of genocide “includes the international imposition of living conditions, among other things. Denial of access to food and medicineAiming to destroy the population. “

The deputy stressed that “the time has come for the United States to catch up with pending matters like this,” and considered that the lifting of sanctions should take place bilaterally, “from parliament to parliament, from government to government.”

The parliamentarian stressed that More than half of Venezuela’s population reject the sanctions, Comprising “nearly 800 executive orders in total”. “This is of great importance and has affected everyone in national life,” he said.

Zambrano explained that the committee he chairs will seek to bring up the “entire network” of the Venezuelan people and clarify the penalties called by Foreign Minister Jorge Ariza and Attorney General Reynaldo Muñoz, to speak with respect.

The Venezuelan government highlighted this week that the unilateral coercive measures imposed by the United States on the South American country caused the country to close in 2020 with oil production amounting to only 339 thousand barrels per day, Decrease in profitRaw, Since 2015, in the ranking $ 102 billion.

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